Raising the baseline with the development process

The agile manifesto raised individuals and interactions over processes and tools. Which at the time and in the context of software engineering, were very agreeable stated. However, now in the year 2020 we have gone a long way in the process automation. The truth is that people make errors and their results vary over time. Top talents are rare and expensive and to keep them requires top class leadership.

The problem with a team built with rock-star developers, super-sellers and other over performers is that they are scarce. Moreover, their top performance rarely last for long time. We are emotional creatures. Our performance depends on many external factors, which we have limited power to affect. For example, there may come some unexpected family issues, which can truly diminish our working performance. Additionally, we tend to get dependent on people who can make things happen. In our opinion, it can’t be sustainable business model to depend on the best people.

The fact is that, most of the people are average performers. We are also unique, who gets motivated on different things. It is impossible to align the values of all the people with the values of the company. It may work for a short period of time, but it can’t be sustainable. Companies try to hire top talents and then tries common incentives to align their values with the company. That is a huge waste!

In Devolution, we do not rely on super talented cross-functional teams with individuals who can achieve 10x more than regular people. Instead, we have raised the base level of our workflow with our development process. Individuals can still over perform, but the business does not require it. For employees the process provides a safety net. You don’t need to be at your best all the time, you can trust that the business goes on without super talents.

In Devolution we also do not try to convert our employee’s values. We offer fair and reliable monetary compensation to our contributors, but they are free to go when they feel they must go. We value entrepreneurs and freelance developers and their freedom. We also hire people who do not want to establish their own business. For us, it doesn’t matter. We only ask you to contribute and we compensate your efforts. No questions asked.

Even as we try to minimize the human factor of our business model, we still depend on our employees and contributors. We can’t make everything foolproof, but with the defined process powered by automation and with the clear instructions, which are available for everyone, we are raising the baseline higher. When we need people to perform, we want to make sure that they also benefit of it. The more you do, the more you earn.